Focal TC 90 K
Kevlar Inverted Dome Tweeter
EU €54.38

Kevlar Inverted Dome Tweeter
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Hi there. Im after some tweeters for some KRK 7000b speakers. Is the Focal TC90 K a match? Also, would you have or know of any replacement tweeters for KRK 9000's?

All to90k sold out

Hi, Will you have that unit in stock again ? Focal TC 90 K Thanks

Don't think so Br Pat

hi there, i 'm looking for TC90 TDX for my JM cobalt820. just wondering if TC90 K is the same or need exact model ? regards

Need exact model its not the same

is this the tweeter used in the original krk e8s

I understand that is the one used in KRK e8s

Hi, are they new in their original packaging? How much does shipping in italy cost for one? Thanks

$25-30 They are new and in original box Focal

Hi, do you have a matched pair available?

They don't come matched we have these in stock

I need 2 this 8 ohm? do you have 2 pieces available?

Yes we have stock and they are 8 ohms 91db Br Pat

I need 2 pieces.I can see the tweeter in the picture.but, is this 8 ohm?do you have them available?

We have these in stock Br Pat

Any stock for focal t90ti tweeter or any other suggestion?

only have TC90K in stock BR Pat

Hi, - Do you have in your stock 2 Kevlar Inverted Dome Tweeter FOCAL TC90K ? - If you have them what will be the delivery cost for France ? -Are they compatible with TC90TD5B - What would be the delivery time for France ? Regards...

Hi, we have these in stock delivery cost for three units be $50.00 within 4-5days yes they are compatible how ever they might sound little bit more sweeter BR Pat

Hi I have Jm lab Daline 6.1 speakers, wondering this tweeter will fit right? also, do I have to change any resistors? Thanks, Kumar

It should be ok no need to change ressitors

Do you still have this tweeter for sale?

Yes we have these in stock Br Pa Pat

Hi,How much to post two Focal TC 90 K's to Belgium? Will you be getting more TC 90 tds in stock? Thanks Gus

$50.00 for sbipping to Belgium Its in the hands of Focal if they have any excess stock of Tc90 td5 Br Pat

I will need at least and possibly a couple for a friend of mine. I assume these are used and tested?I live in hawaii usa what am I looking at for shipping of at least one driver? thanks Thierry

Hi Thierry, these are brand new units about $50.00 for shipping for 2 pcs $60.00 for 4 pcs BR Pat

Are the Focal TC 90 K on stock? I need 2 pieces.

yes we have these in stock

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