Focal T 121 T
121t F/g Inverted Dome 120mm Tweeter
EU €73.17

121t F/g Inverted Dome 120mm Tweeter
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Hey. What’s the dome material On this one?

fiberglass soother than kevlar

have you sold ?

we have these in stock br Pat

Can i buy it by Italy?


Hi Pat, Do you have these in stock? Several months ago you said you were out. Thanks, Mike

Hi Mike, I have T121T in stock BR Pat

hi can i check if physically the t121t and 120ds are the same size and do they look similar tks...reason i am asking is because i have a pair of wilson Cub speakers and i am looking for replacement tweeters...would you have any idea if either of these will do..tks

Yes they are the same size and fit the same and yes you can replace with either Br Pat

i have in my speakers focal t 120 tweeters,dobble magnet, t121t if deferent, t121t for 78.95 thanks you

double magnet is to counter stray magnetic field so you can use them near TV TC121T will work fine as they are very similar in performance

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