Oyaide Headphone Cables

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Oyaide HPC-62HD25

Premium Headphone cable w/5 color variations, for Sennheiser...
JP ¥2,685.47
Oyaide HPC-UE

Unlimited potential for Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10, 1.3m...
JP ¥5,653.63
Oyaide HPC-SE

Ultimate potential for SHURE SE series
JP ¥5,653.63
Oyaide HPC-35J

The high-quality headphone/earphone 1.3m extension cable
JP ¥2,685.47
Oyaide HPC-SS

The short length interconnect with stereo mini for a portable...
JP ¥2,685.47
Oyaide HPC-35

The special headphone cable with phone plugs for ULTRAZONE...
JP ¥2,685.47