Oyaide Accessories

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Oyaide 1430-16

Internal Hookup Wire PCOCC-A 16g
JP ¥1,075.05
Oyaide INS-US

Highly-rigid stainless steel small spikes, set of 4
JP ¥9,931.54
Oyaide MWA-RC

Cover caps for RCA jacks to prevent vibration, noise and...
JP ¥1,284.92
Oyaide Pota-Pita sheet Strong

Anti-vibration and Adhesive sheet for portable audio players...
JP ¥4,485.21
Oyaide INS-CF

The "coin size" hybrid carbon insulators
JP ¥7,208.38
Oyaide INS-BS

The multi-use base insulator with a carbon FRP board, set...
JP ¥9,931.54
Oyaide SS-47

High-fidelity audio grade solder 100g spool
JP ¥3,887.30
Oyaide 1430-18

Internal Hookup Wire PCOCC-A 18g
JP ¥661.30
Oyaide MWA-030 S

Electro Magnetic Absorber Sheet A6 (0.3mm × 105mm × 148mm)
JP ¥2,723.17