Focal TC 90 TD5
Tioxid Inverted Dome Tweeter
EU €73.17


- High pressure injection molded 5mm thick face plate
- Tioxid inverted dome, coated foam surround
- 20mm diameter voice coil, aluminium former, ferrofluid cooled
- Effieciency: 91.5dB
- Double magnet, tuned chamber, acoustical impedance control device (a.k.a. phase plug)


- Nominal power - 15w
- Maximum power - 75w
- Cone - Tioxid
- Nom. impedance - 6 ohms
- DC resistance - 5.5 ohms
- VC diameter - 20mm / 3.10in
- VC height - 2mm / 0.08in
- Former - Aluminium
- Layers - 1
- Wire - Copper
- Inductance - 0.68 mH
- Magnet d x h - 2mm x (60 x 14mm) / 2in x (2.36 x 0.55in)
- Magnet weight - 2 x 162g
- Flux density - 1.45T
- Net weight - 0.65kg / 1.43lb


- Fs - 1471.1 Hz
- Qts - 1.17
- Qes - 1.56
- Qms - 4.68
- Re - 5.5 ohms
- Sd - 0.1 Cm2
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one of my tweeters blew any suggestions on a good replacement

Ill check see I got any BR Pat

Hi, Is the parts you have in stock Focal TC 90 TD5 really Tioxid Inverted Dome Tweeter Regards...

We only have TC 90k in stock

Hi, Do you have 2 in stock ? I have the speakers Focal Proline MC26 with the tweeters TC 90 TD. Do you still have the TC 90 TD ? Do the TC 90 TD 5 also fit for my speakers ? I'm living in Belgium, how long for delivery ? Are there extra taxes to pay ? Looking forward to your reply. Thanks. Isabelle

Hi Isabelle, Sorry we have run out of tc90TD5 but has the Kevlar version in stock TC90K BR Pat

Is your offer price valid for single unit ? or one pair ( 2 pcs ). What is your best price offer in sing dollar for one pair-(2pcs). TC 90 TD5 by reg. parcel to singapre. Best regards, David

price on the shop is for per unit not a pair. please go through the online shop end of cart will give you total pricing inc freight br Pat

Hello, Do you have 2 pcs of Focal TC 90TD5? If so may you send to Norway? Best regards Stein-Are

Sorry for the delay in replying yes we can send to Norway Br Pat

Hi, forgotten to say I need 2 units!!! do you have them both? tanx R

we have two units BR Pat

Hi, do you ship to Germany? If yes, how mach will it cost? Regards Rob

Hi We do ship Germany we have these in stock it will cost around $50.00 to ship to germany

Hi, Is the price for (Focal TC 90 TD5) only one? not for pear? Also, Do you ship to Japan? If yes, how mach will it cost? Regards

Yes price for one unit we can ship to Japan freight cost approximately $20.00 Best regards Pat O'Brien

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