Focal TC 120 TD5
Tioxid Inverted Dome Tweeter
US $247.27


- 5mm thick zamal alloy metal front plate
- Tioxid inverted dome, coated foam surround
- 20mm diameter voice coil, aluminium former, ferrofluid cooled
- Effieciency: 93.5dB
- Double magnet, tuned chamber, acoustical impedance control device (a.k.a. phase plug)


- Nominal power - 15w
- Maximum power - 150w
- Cone - Tioxid
- Nom. impedance - 6 ohms
- DC resistance - 6 ohms
- VC diameter - 20mm / 3.1in
- VC height - 2mm / 0.08in
- Former - Aluminium
- Layers - 1
- Wire - Copper
- Inductance - 1.49 mH
- Xmax - -0.5mm / 0.02in
- Magnet d x h - 85mm x 15mm / 3.35in x 2.83in
- Magnet weight - 361g / 0.8lb
- Flux density - 1.75T
- Gap height - 3mm / 0.12in
- Net weight - 1.2kg / 2.64lb


- Fs - 812.7 Hz
- Qts - 0.81
- Qes - 1.15
- Qms - 2.79
- Re - 6 ohms
- Sd - 0.1 Cm2
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Do you really have the Focal TC120TD5 in stock?



No replacement Voice coils available we have 120TD5 6pairs left $600.00 per pair

Is $204.50 for 1 set of speakers (meaning there’s left and right) or is it for 1 speaker only? How much for shipping to Indonesia?

Sorry all TC120TD5 sold out

Hi, do you have 2 x Focal TC 120 TD5 on stock? Will you ship to The Netherlands? Price shipping? Gr, Wim

Sorry we just sold out we 90k and tc121 t

Do you have these focal tc120td5 tweeters in stock?

yes we have these in stock

Hi. Do you have these Focal TC 120 TD5 tweeters in stock?

Yes these are in stock

TC120TD5: The price reported on the site $ 261.84 is the price of each piece in US or Australian dollars? Regards, Jose Alberto Reis

Hi José, the prices on our site are all in Australian dollars. Regards.

Inform, please, availability for immediate shipment of a pair of FOCAL tweeters TC120TD5. Regards, Jose Alberto Reis

Hi Jose, yes we do have a pair of these tweeters available. If you want you can come pick them up from our Osborne Park warehouse at 58 Collingwood Street if you're in the area, but if not we can ship them to you. The best and most secure way to do this would be to order through our site. If you encounter any troubles in doing so please feel free to message us back and we can assist.

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