Oyaide HPC-SS
The short length interconnect with stereo mini for a portable player & a headphone amp
US $20.28


- Conductor - PCOCC-A 0.3Sq(3/20/0.08)X2
- Insulator - PFA
- Shielding - PCOCC-A shielding (53/0.12)
- Outer Sheath - TPE (olefinic elastomer)
- Electrical Characteristic - Conductor resistance :max. 67.9[Ω/km]
Insulation resistance :min. 1[MΩ・km]

- Soldering - SS-47
- Connector (Contact) - (3.5mm mini plug,1/4 TRS phon plug,RCA plug)
Brass: Contact plating Silver(1.5μ) + Rhodium(0.3μ)

Additional Information

- Oyaide always start planning a product under a solid concept. Producing cables specialized for headphones is their challenge and task. As a result, they worked to produce the "HPC series" which enhances the sound quality of your music player and thereby satisfy you anywhere with it


- Conductor and Insulator - For the cable of HPC-series, Oyaide employed the newly-produced HPC-22W cable which has the ultrafine PCOCC-A conductors (80μ for a unit) for its high transmission property and usability.

Rather than twisting whole wires, twenty of 0.08mm wires are unified in a unit and the three units are grouped as a conductor which is geometrically-stable. Herewith, it insures uniformity of wire structure, infilling of internal space and preventing deformation among the wires.

Furthermore, its diameter is 0.3sq (AWG22) which is three times bigger than a regular cable. It provides you sharp attack and hi-speed response of the sound.
For the insulator of HPC-22W, 0.18mm thick PFA is employed for its outstanding electric characteristic and lossless transmitting capability.

- Flexibility - A headphone cable must be flexible and heavy-duty. In order to enhance cable flexibility, the parallel-layout signal lines keep even pitch by internal cotton fiber which includes air chamber. It holds down electrical permittivity and improves mechanical strength.

- PCOCC-A - PCOCC copper is a material that includes very few impurities and insures very low levels of signal disturbance. Because of its low incidence of grain boundaries, the signal passes without impediment or distortion. Heating and cooling the PCOCC wire under controlled circumstances yields a densely re-crystallized, highly pure structure called a μ conductor. The resulting product with a mirror finish applied is called PCOCC-A copper. This highly advanced product is made possible by the combined application of high technology and traditional Japanese craftsmanship.

- The Original Connectors (3.5mm mini-plug, 1/4 TRS phone plug, RCA plug) - The metal parts of the plug are specially designed for the HSR series and made from RoHS compliant brass. After careful machine barreling, silver (inner) and rhodium (outer) are directly plated on the contact pin. These plating not only protect from corrosion but also help to improve transmitting capability.
The outer shell is carefully processed by NC machining and plated by hard chrome like a body of camera. In addition, these plugs are soldered to the cable by using "SS-47" which is an Oyaide original solder and is produced specially for audio application.

- For a Portible Headphone Amplifier - The HPC-SS(Straight to Straight) is designed for the connection between a media player and a portable headphone amp. Taking many opinions from product monitors, the length is set to 15mm

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