Oyaide HPC-SE
Ultimate potential for SHURE SE series
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Cable1P shielding(φ2.0mm), 2P parallel structure
- Central conductor PCOCC-A(AWG26)
Insulator - fluorine contained resin (PFA)
Shield - Black・Red PCOCC-A spiral shielding
Silver silver plated OFC braided shielding
Sheath - flame resisting Pb free PVC
Audio Plug -  3.5mm mini plug:P-3.5SR Plating : silver(1.5μ) + Rhodium (0.3μ)
Earplug - Gold plated Pb free PVC molded plug
Solder - SS-47

Additional Information

Shure SE series, created for stage monitor for musicians, are also very popular for listening audio due to its exellent sound and built quality. We finally achived to release upgrade cables for SE series with 3 different colors (Black, Red, Silver) and 2 lengths lineup (1.0m, 1.3m)

- They have "cable detachable structure" for which purpose is making cable exchangable for easy replacement. However, recently audio enthusiasts tend to change cable proactively for pursuing better sound quality. We call it as "Re-cable"

- For this movement of "Re-cable", HPC-SE was develped and created by Oyaide's long-time experience of cable design and technology for answering the passion of audio enthusiasts

- Compatible earphones - SE215, SE315, SE425, SE535, SE535 Special Edition (SE535LTD)


- The newly developed PCOCC - A 2P parallel cable with 3 colour lineup - For “HPC-SE”, we newly developed platinum color 2P parallel cable (2.0mm). The contral conductor is made of PCOCC-A which has proven its sperior quality by being applied for lots of Oyaide cables. we applied spiral shilding for black and red models, and braided shielding for silver models

- 2 different lengths and compatible earphones - “HPC-SE”has 2 different lengths (1.0m/1.3m) which can be chosen for user preferance

- Earwire-less design for better fitting - For better fitting, “HPC-SE” cable has shape-maintain property so we got rid of its earwire which is installed for the defalt cable comes with the earphones

- Original plug P-3.5R (3.5mm Stereo mini plug) - After careful machine barreling, 1.5μ silver (inner) and 0.3μ rhodium (outer) are directly plated on its contact pin. The oouter shell, processed by NC machining, are high-density and have high shielding performance. For its surface treatment, hard chrome plating is coated like a body of camera

- Audio grade  solder, SS-47 - We use our original audio grade solder, SS-47 for the connection of plugs and cables of HPC-UE. Compared to general solders which usually contain 3N (99.9%) pure tin, SS-47 contains 4N (99.993%) pure tin achieved by excluding impurities to the maximum. Furthermore, 4.7% silver and 1.7% copper are contained for the purpose of improvement of electric conductivity and durability

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