Oyaide HPC-35J
The high-quality headphone/earphone 1.3m extension cable
US $23.24


- Cable - HPC-22W
- Conductor - PCOCC-A 0.3sq (3/20/0.08)X2
- Insulator - PFA(fluorine contained resin)
- Shield - PCOCC-A spiral shield (53/0.12)
- Sheath - TPE (olefin elastomer)
- Electrical Characteristic - Conductor resistance:max. 67.9[Ω/km]
Insulator resistance:min. 1[MΩ・km]

- Plug - (3.5mm mini plug P-3.5SR) Silver (1.5μ) + Rhodium (0.3μ) plated brass
- Connectior Jack - (3.5mm female mini plug 「J-3.5SR」) Silver (1.5μ) + Rhodium (0.3μ) plated brass
- Solder - SS-47


- The Newly Developed 3.5mm Female Plug [J-3.5SR] - The core component of the HPC-35J/62J is J-3.5SR, the newly-developed 3.5mm female plug. It is produced pursuing sound quality and made of accurately machined copper alloy with silver + rhodium plating.

- PCOCC-A High Quality HPC-22W Cable - For the cable of HPC-35HD598/62HD598, we applied Oyaide original HPC-22W which became a standard of headphone cable. By its high-quality PCOCC-A conductor, electrically superior PFA insulator, flexible and rigid TPE outer sheath, it has great sound quality and usability.

- 2 Types of Length, 2 Types of Cable - In order to respond to various using situations, we prepared 2 different length (1.3m/2.5m) and 2 different kind of plugs (3.5mm stereo mini and 1/4 TRS phone). For both plugs, we applied silver + rhodium combination plating which has been proved its superiority by application for other HPC-series.

- Audio Grade Solder SS-47 -  We use our original audio grade solder, SS-47 for the connection of plugs and cables of 「HPC-35J/62J」. Compared to general solders which usually contain 3N (99.9%) pure tin, SS-47 contains 4N (99.993%) pure tin achieved by excluding impurities to the maximum. Furthermore, 4.7% silver and 1.7% copper are contained for the purpose of improvement of electric conductivity and durability.

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