PHL 1660/E172
6.5" Midrange Extended Drivers, High Sound Pressure Level, High Sounding Quality
EU €225.56


- These models are the ”long excursion” versions of types SP1500/1510
- They are dedicated to being used when applications require low-midrange extension capability together with high SPL
- Their particular design ensures that they perform without any compromise in sound quality, making these models optimum for sound reinforcement systems as well as studio monitoring
- Their preferred frequency domain starts from 400Hz (single unit) or 300Hz (dual driver) in direct radiation, while 200Hz is possible when horn is mounted

Design Concept
Progressive Wave Diaphragm
- Optimized for low-midrange extended frequency domain
- The M17/E17 Series design is based on the Progressive Wave Diaphragm mechanical behaviour of the radiating area
- In this principal, the membrane is considered as a mechanical transmission line which should receive a constant given velocity together with critical damping properties to work properly
- This leading edge techology offers substantial sonic advantages 
- Among them:
  - Very low mechanical energy storage in the cone (so avoiding standing waves) which ensures           coherant sound
  - Fast transients
  - Stable sound imaging
  - High sensitivity
  - Wide frequency range
 -  Very-low directivity pattern

Vented Compact Magnet System
- Carefully optimized to obtain maximum transducing efficiency while avoiding unlinear behaviour such as coil inductance variation with position, flux modulation, harmonic distortion, rest position offset, air compression and off-axis voice-coil pushing
- Design incorporates a T-shaped and vented pole piece as well as a flux stabilizing ring
- It also takes into consideration demagnetization and cold temperatures

Intercooler System
- Entirely integrated into the loudspeaker itself, the Intercooler System extracts the heat produced by the Joule effect in the voice-coil
- It does so via an air flow directed through the heatsink rims of the basket by the motion of the dust-cap and the spider
- The gain brought about by this technology is over 20% of extra power, so for example, a 3" coil according to this design has the same power handling capacity as a classical 4" one

- Power handling capacity - 250W ABS
- Reference Efficiency (1W @ 1m) - 97 dB SPL
- SPL max (continuous) - 117 dB SPL
- Usable frequency range - 300-5000 Hz
- Environmental withstanding - Outdoor

Architectural Specifications
Nominal Diameter - 166mm
Frame - High tensile alloy pressure die-cast basket with patented Intercooler System
Magnet System - 2" highly energized, heat extracting design with vented pole piece and flux stabilizing ring
Voice Coil - High-temperature stabilized copper-clad aluminium ribbon wound on vented high-strength glass polyimide former
Cone Assembly - High-strength cellulose fiber cone impregnated and coated on both sides with damped resins, fitted with central carbon-fibre dome, high-speed flat damped surround and acoustically damped rear cavity

Speaker Mass - 2.15kg

Typical Characteristics
    1660 1670  
Rated Impedence    Z    8 16 Ω
Reference Efficiency (1W @ 1m) - 97 97 dB SPL
Usable Frequency Range 1 - 300-5000 300-5000 Hz
Power Handling Capacity 2 (AES) - 250 250 W
Max Sound Pressure Level 3 SPL max 117 117 dB SPL
Min. Impedence modulus min 5.8 @ 650Hz 13.5 @ 600Hz Ω
Voice-coil Inductance @ 1 kHz e1k 0.55 1.51 mH
                                   @ 10 kHz e10k 0.26 0.72 mH
BI product BI 9.8 16.1 N/A
Moving Mass ms 0.0110 0.0110 Kg
Thiele-Small Parameters : Typical (OC Limits)
    1660 1670  
Resonance Frequency 5 s 125 (±25) 125 (±25) Hz
DC resistance 6 e 5.4 (±0.5) 11.6 (±1.1) Ω
Mechanical Quality Factor ms 4.1 4.1 1
Electrical Quality Factor es 0.49 0.39 1
Total Quality Factor ts 0.43 0.35 1
Mechanical Suspension Compliance ms 145 145 10-6 m/N
Effective Piston Area d 0.0150 0.0150 m2
Equivalent C as Air Load as 0.0045 0.0045 m3
Max. Linear Excursion max ±2.0 ±2.0 mm
Linear Displacement Volume d 0.030 0.030 103 m3
Half-space Efficiency   1.8 2.3 %
Unity Load Volume VasQts2 0.89 0.95 103 m3
Absolute Maximum Ratings
    1660 1670  
Short term max. input voltage 7  max 90 130 V
Max. Excursion Before Damage dam 4.0 4.0 mm
Ambient Operating Temperature   -10 to +50 °C
Storage Temperature 8   -20 to +70 °C
Environmental Conditions   Outdoor✚  
Application Information
    1660 1670  
Air Volume Occupied by the Driver 10   0.64 0.64 103 m3
Speaker Net Mass   2.6 2.6 Kg
Recommended Reflex Box   Vb/Fb  3L / Sealed L/Hz
Electrical Polarity A positive voltage applied on the red terminal produces forward cone motion

Specification Notes
- Note 1: Allowing for energy response, excursion capability, Power spectrum and -3dB low freq, roll-off for standard reflex tuning
- Note 2 :  Established at 20°C ambient temp, according to AES2-1984 standard using IEC268-1 simulated programme signal and a 150 liter Bass-Reflex test enclosure tuned at 40Hz.
- Note 3 : Established at 1m on axis of the loudspeaker mounted in test enclosure, when driven at full AES Power Handling Capacity, including 4dB of thermal compression loss
- Note 4 : Measured at 20 mA in free air
- Note 5 : Measured at 20 mA and 20°C ambient temp. in free air conditions, after full run and rest
- Note 6 : Measured at 20°C ambient temp. QC limits are ±10%
- Note 7 : Stated in RMS voltage according to IEC 268-5
- Note 8 : Includes shipping conditions. The lower limit prevents from demagnetization
- Note 9 : Our products are classified in three categories :  Indoor, Outdoor, and Outdoor✚ for permanent outdoor use or severe conditions
- Note 10 : Calculated for front mounting on to a 18 mm thick board
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