PHL 1230/B17
6.5" Bass Midrange Drivers, Ultimate Sounding Quality
US $146.83


- These 6.5”ultimate sounding quality Bass-Midrange drivers have been designed to match advanced studio monitoring requirements for proximity monitoring
- The exceptional sound accuracy of these units results from a careful design using A/B listening tests to select technological solutions
- It is this which authorizes their use up to 2.5kHz without any compromise, and up to 4.0kHz with full preservation of dynamic behavior (Compromise is on directivity pattern only)
- Optimum Bass-Reflex loading is situated between 12L and 16L
tuned from 45Hz to 40Hz

Design Concept
Deflection Controlled Diaphram
- Optimized for dynamic damping
- Deflection Controlled Diaphragm technology consists in optimizing the shape and material of the diaphragm so that it works as a mechanical transmission line, to avoid breaking modes as well as mechanical threshold which destroy sound quality
- It is this leading edge technology which offers substantial sonic advantages
- Those advantages include sound coherency, fast transients, stable sound imaging, high sensitivity, wide frequency range and reduced directivity pattern

Soft Excursion Limiting
- The Soft Excursion Limiting mechanism is a special S-profile design of the rubber surround avoiding voice-coil bottoming which destroys driver functionality instantaneously
- The cone excursion is progressively limited to +/- 8mm, introducing a soft clipping which totally protects loudspeakers from over-excursion damage

Compact Magnet System
- Its design has been specially optimized to obtain maximum transducing efficiency while avoiding unlinear behaviour such as coil inductance variation with position, flux modulation, harmonic distortion, rest position offset, air compression and off-axis voice-coil pushing
- Its design incorporates a T-shaped pole piece and a flux stabilization ring
- It also takes into consideration demagnetization at cold temperatures

Intercooler System
- Entirely integrated into the loudspeaker itself, the Intercooler System extracts the heat produced by the Joule effect in the voice-coil
- It does so via an air flow directed through the heatsink rims of the basket by the motion of the dust-cap and the spider
- The gain brought about by this technology is over 20% of extra power, so for example, a 3" coil according to this design has the same power handling capacity as a classical 4" one

- Power handling capacity - 100W ABS
- Reference Efficiency (1W @ 1m) - 93 dB SPL
- SPL max (continuous) - 109 dB SPL
- Usable frequency range - 50-4000 Hz
- Environmental withstanding - Outdoor

Architectural Specifications
Nominal Diameter - 166mm
Frame - High tensile alloy pressure die-cast basket with patented Intercooler System
Magnet System - 1.5" highly energized, heat extracting design with flux stabilizing ring
Voice Coil - High-temperature stabilized copper-clad aluminium ribbon wound on vented high-strength glass polyimide
Cone Assembly - High-strength cellulose fiber cone impregnated and coated on both sides with damped resins, fitted with fabric dome, high-speed flat, damped surround and acoustically damped rear cavity
Speaker Mass - 2.15kg

Typical Characteristics
    1220 1230  
Rated Impedence    Z    8 4 Ω
Reference Efficiency (1W @ 1m) - 93 93 dB SPL
Usable Frequency Range 1 - 50-4000 50-4000 Hz
Power Handling Capacity 2 (AES) - 100 100 W
Max Sound Pressure Level 3 SPL max 109 109 dB SPL
Min. Impedence modulus min 3.6 @ 360Hz 13.5 @ 360Hz Ω
Voice-coil Inductance @ 1 kHz e1k 0.64 1.33 mH
                                   @ 10 kHz e10k 0.23 0.46 mH
BI product BI 8.30 11.90 N/A
Moving Mass ms 0.012 0.012 Kg

Thiele-Small Parameters : Typical (OC Limits)
    1220 1230  
Resonance Frequency 5 s 45 (±6) 45 (±6) Hz
DC resistance 6 e 6.1 (±0.6) 12.1 (±1.2) Ω
Mechanical Quality Factor ms 3.1 3.1 1
Electrical Quality Factor es 0.27 0.29 1
Total Quality Factor ts 0.25 0.27 1
Mechanical Suspension Compliance ms 1000 1000 10-6 m/N
Effective Piston Area d 0.0143 0.0143 m2
Equivalent C as Air Load as 0.030 0.030 m3
Max. Linear Excursion max ±3.5 ±3.5 mm
Linear Displacement Volume d 0.050 0.050 103 m3
Half-space Efficiency   1.0 0.9 %
Unity Load Volume VasQts2 1.8 2.1 103 m3

Absolute Maximum Ratings
    1220 1230  
Short term max. input voltage 7  max 60 85 V
Max. Excursion Before Damage dam 8.0 8.0 mm
Ambient Operating Temperature   -10 to +50 °C
Storage Temperature 8   -20 to +70 °C
Environmental Conditions   Outdoor✚  

Application Information
    1220 1230  
Air Volume Occupied by the Driver 10   0.5 0.5 103 m3
Speaker Net Mass   2.15 2.15 Kg
Recommended Reflex Box   Vb/Fb  15 / 45 L/Hz
Electrical Polarity A positive voltage applied on the red terminal produces forward cone motion

Specification Notes
- Note 1: Allowing for energy response, excursion capability, Power spectrum and -3dB low freq, roll-off for standard reflex tuning
- Note 2 :  Established at 20°C ambient temp, according to AES2-1984 standard using IEC268-1 simulated programme signal and a 150 liter Bass-Reflex test enclosure tuned at 40Hz.
- Note 3 : Established at 1m on axis of the loudspeaker mounted in test enclosure, when driven at full AES Power Handling Capacity, including 4dB of thermal compression loss
- Note 4 : Measured at 20 mA in free air
- Note 5 : Measured at 20 mA and 20°C ambient temp. in free air conditions, after full run and rest
- Note 6 : Measured at 20°C ambient temp. QC limits are ±10%
- Note 7 : Stated in RMS voltage according to IEC 268-5
- Note 8 : Includes shipping conditions. The lower limit prevents from demagnetization
- Note 9 : Our products are classified in three categories :  Indoor, Outdoor, and Outdoor✚ for permanent outdoor use or severe conditions
- Note 10 : Calculated for front mounting on to a 18 mm thick board
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