Oyaide INS-CF
The "coin size" hybrid carbon insulators
US $62.39


- Material - CFRP(dry carbon cloth)、Silver carbon
- Layers - 30 layers(a silver cabon layer on a surface)
- Size - D 20mm、H 6mm(Round shape)
- Weight - 3g/piece
- Withstand Load - 6t/piece(on completely flat surface)
- Package - 4 pieces in 1 box

Additional Information

- Since Oyaide Elec Co., Ltd regards vibration control as an very important factor for audio, we have been trying to reflect our knowledge into product develpments.

- For "HS-CF"turntable headshell and "WPC series"wall outlet plates, Oyaide proved excellent vibration damping property of carbon material and it could be storong base for their next develpment plan for carbon products. Now they achieved to release "INS-CF" carbon insulater by appying the technical know-how as a result.


- Hybrid Structure by Highly Rigid Carbon and Silver Carbon - By its hybrid structure by highly rigid carbon and silver carbon, it helps to enhance superior vibration damping property. Due to the fact that carbon cloth is twilled and silver carbon is flat-woven, we achived to decentralize its cloth density. Its epoxy resin material contributes its great hardness and durability.

- Reversible Design - Both of carbon cloth surface and silver carbon surface can work as top/bottom surface. And they even make a difference for the sound character.

- As a Tuning Clip - INS-CF can be used as a tuning chip on which it can be paste on the top or back side of an audio equipment. Pasting on a point such as on power distribution strip where is easily affected by vibration can be more effective.
(Please use general double-sided tape for pasting)

- Heavy Duty. Max 6t Withstand Load for 1 Piece - Altough it is so small (almost same size as a coin), it can be durable for max 6t. The edge of INS-CF is round chamfered to prevent damaging on the contact surface with several equipments.

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