Oyaide 1430-18
Internal Hookup Wire PCOCC-A 18g
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*Indicated price is as per meter length of internal wire. Please enter into the quantity field the number of meters you desire.


- Conductor - PCOCC-A
- Insulator - XLPVC(Polymer Vinyl,Lead-Free) Color : White and Black
- Structure - 34/0.18 mm
- O.D. - 2.07mm
- Maximum Conductor Resistance (Ω/km) - 21.8Ω/km
- Rated Temp / VA - 105℃/300V (Peek 600V UL Subj・758)

General Information

- The Oyaide 1430 series was designed to meet the strong request of D.I.Y.ers and manufacturers. In achieving this, Oyaide examined all the relevant parameters to come up with the ultimate internal hook-up wire

- It is UL and CSA approved, meeting the highest in safety and performance standards due to its 300V and 105℃ temperature tolerance

- Maximum peak endurance is 600V

- XLPVC is used as the insulator for its thinness and ease of soldering

- The internal wire is PCOCC-A forming an inverted concentric structure for maximum density and uniformity of wire structure and for infilling of internal space

- We provide three different sizes and two different shielded colors for a multiplicity of uses

- The release of the 1430 series adds the potential for a higher level performance and enjoyment for both D.I.Y.ers and end users


- PCOCC-A - PCOCC copper is a material that includes very few impurities and ensures very low levels of signal disturbance. Because of its incidence of no grain boundaries, the signal passes without impediment or distortion

Heating and cooling the PCOCC wire under controlled circumstances yields a densely re-crystallized, highly pure structure called a μ conductor. The resulting product with a mirror finish applied is called PCOCC-A copper. This highly advanced product is made possible by the combined application of high technology and traditional Japanese craftsmanship

- Insulator - As an insulation material, XLPVC (Irradiated cross linked PVC) is employed for its thinness and ease of soldering because of its higher allowable temperature limit (105℃) compared to regular PVC

It is a lead-free RoHS compliant material

- Conductor Structure - Rather than twisting whole wires, the triple-layered inverted concentric structure is employed for maximum density and uniformity of wire structure and for infilling of internal space and preventing deformation among the wires
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