Nanotec SP # 777
US $53.04

*Indicated price is as per meter length of cable. Please enter into the quantity field the number of meters you desire.
*This speaker cable is single side type (Independant between plus-side and minus-side). Please use 2-stings for 1-side speaker

Applications include:

- Pure audio speaker cable
- High quality power cable
- Car audio cable


- Model No. - SP777
- 49-core speaker cable of single outer sheath
- Signal Conductor - [0.32mm x 6-strings OFC + 0.32mm x 1-string 6N-OFC] x 7 = 49-Strings
- Sectional Area - 3.9408mm2 x 1
- Conductor Isolator - PE [Transparent] + Conductive PVC
- Outer Sheath - Heat Resistant [90°C] PVC
- Outer Diameter - 6.5mm
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