Nanotec SP # 79 Special
US $12.94

*Indicated price is as per meter length of cable. Please enter into the quantity field the number of meters you desire.

- Designed for Audio Beginners, Enthusiasts and Car-Audio Lovers

- High quality inexpensive speaker cable is indespensible for audio/visual application

- Very easy to stripout the outer isolator sheath

- The black sheath is heat resistance up to 90°C

- Because of its heat resistance, this cable can be utilized in cars or other vehicles


- Conductor - 0.5ø x 7-Strings [OFC][+/- Each]
- Sectional Area - 1.3744mm²
- Isolator - PE + PVC [Heat Durable 90°C]
- Dimension - 7.5 x 3.5mm
- Colour (Inner Sheath) - Red & Transparent [PE]
- Colour (Outer Sheath) - Black [PVC]
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Hello, is the one-meter scatter sold at the price tag? if I want a whole four-meter one, do I directly change the purchase quantity to four? Is your shipping warehouse in Japan?

Warehouse Perth Australia Times 4 for 4mtr