Oyaide P-029
The entry class of P/C series with brass contacts and no plating
US $34.66


- Blade - Brass
- Install cable O.D. - min 6.5mm max 17.0mm
- Maximum wire gauge - AWG10(5.5sq)
- Rated V/A - 125V・15A <PS>E

Additional Information

- Every one of Oyaide's products are totally "made in Japan" even down to minute components, all to maintain their high standard of quality and reliability, it is essential to have every production system under their direct and strict control. Their products are for special market where minute vibration from loose connection or due to imperfect choice of material could become a vital failure

- They carefully design each and every component for easiness in assembling, simplicity and requirement, cost factor is secondary. Instead we ignore excess decoration and unnecessary complexity. We are proud to present the ture value for your enjoyment.
These plugs and connectors are not merely high grade; every step is taken to realize the `State of Art` for audio application


- Contacts - The basic material is pure brass for P-029/C-029. Its rigidty makes the contact secure

※The blade of P-029 would often be oxidized because of its material, pure brass.
When it happens, you need to polish it out frequently by cotton cloth

- Plating - P-029/C-029 don't have plating on its contacts

- Body - 30% glass filled PBT has excellent machine-ability and provides superior electrical isolation. The highly rigid body of the P-029/C-029 effectively attenuates high-speed vibrations. All screws, which were originally designed for P/C series, are made of highly rigid stainless steel which is non-magnetic substance. Moreover, the cable cannot be separated from the plug by a force less than 30kg, a significant safety feature

- Stainless screws - The screws of P/C series are all made of highly rigid stainless so its screw head doesn't collapse even if you give them too much strength. In addition, because it is non-magnetic material, it helps to achieve hign S/N ratio without being magnetized at its conection part

- Outer cover - The outer cover of P/C series is made of PC(PolyCarbonate) for its rigidity and hardness. It helps to attenuate tiny vibrations in quick response and reduce distortions by its superior mechanical strength
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I wonder if you make the P026 or another $30 or less plug for Australia/New Zealand application (230-240V). I need 3. Let me know please. Thank you, Alex

we dont have AUS/NZ plugs only US type Br Pat

Hello there, I'd like to order some P-029 I presume they are available with Aus plug? Cheers Seb

they dont make Aus plugs

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