Oyaide PC-LS
The original locking bar of P/C series connectors and MTS/MTB power distribution strip
CA $50.41


- Material - Lock bar : Stainless 304WPB(electrostatic powder coated by Nylon resin)Hexagon bolt(2pcs):Highly rigid stainless(micro black resin)
- Attachements - Washer x 2, Hexagon nut x 2

Additional Information

- Designed for use with Oyaide EC connectors (15A): C-029, C-037, C-046, C-079, C-004
and IEC connectors (20A): C-237, C-246, C-279


- High spring power of stainless 304WPB - PC-LS is made of stainless 304WPB which has high spring power. It makes tight but stress-free holding of equipments
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