Bakoon AMP-5513mk3
Standard Power Amplifier
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Circuit Board

Gain Controller



The Bakoon AMP-5513 mk3 is a significant improvement on its predecessor the AMP-5513MK2 (a Class A amplifier of the past).

In the conventional bias fixing circuit, the SATRI circuit V6.X, it was necessary to set the output stage operation to Class A in order to fix the bias completely. By installing the SATRI circuit V11.41 in the bias fixing circuit, it is now possible to control the bias with higher precision than the SATRI circuit V6.X, which has the Class A output stage even when the output stage operation is Class AB.

The scale of the power supply for the mk3 is the same as that of the mk2 of Class A operation and it becomes Class AB. Bakoon have turned the power with margin for the reduction of the bias current to the output; This has resulted in an improvement in the maximum output of the amplifier from 35W (8Ω) for the mk2 to 50W (8Ω) for the mk3.

Although the output stage is a conventional double push-pull circuit, Bakoon has succeeded in obtaining accuracy close to the quad-push-pull circuit of the highend SHP-5516 by lowering the driving impedance of the driver stage.


- Model - AMP-5513MK3

- Power Source - AC100, 110, 120, 200, 220, 240v

- Voltage Input - x3

- SATRI-LINK Input - x2

- Voltage Output - x0

- SATRI-LINK Output - x0

- Speaker Output - 50W + 50W (8Ω)

- Gain Controller - Potentiometer / Metal film resistant ATT / No instruction winding resistant ATT

- MC Input - x0

- MM Input - x0

- Voltage Headphone Output - x0

- Current Headphone Output - x0

- MUTING - x0

- CPU - x1

- Display - x0

- Protection - x1

- Materials:
  Chassis, Cover and Panel - Aluminium
  Legs - Stainless Steel
  Knob - Bakelite

- Finish:
  Chassis - Black semi-matte paint
  Cover - Black crystal paint
  Front panel - Mica black paint

- Dimensions - 180mm (H) x 470mm (W) x 420mm (D)

- Weight - 14.5kg

- Safety Inspection - PSE Standard
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Is it convertible to mono blocks with 2 units ? As monoblocks, what's an output power per channel ? Also, please explain regarding options : circuit EX/UL and gain controlsin 3 kinds.

5513 standard cannot be converted to mono blocks 50w per channel UL is better in distortion figure than EX though both sounds amazingly transparent

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