Nanotec SP # 777 GREAT
US $748.06


- Model No. - SP777WYT(1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0/4.0/5.0)
- Terminals - Spade
- Signal Conductor - [0.32mm x 6-strings OFC + 0.32mm x 1-string 6N-OFC] x 7 = 49-Strings
- Colloidal Liquid - Soaked on All Conductors
- Sectional Area - 3.9408mm2 / 1-Side Total
- Conductor Isolator - PE [Transparent] + Conductive PVC, Hybrid
- Outer Sheath - Heat Resistant [90°C] PVC
- Outer Diameter - 6.5mm
- Spade Terminal - Furutech FP-201 [Rhodium Plated]
- Cable Holder - 4 Set / on both sides of the cables
- Cable Length - 2.5m
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Hello, I would ask if You mean a couple of cables, for two loudspeaker? and if this cable is technically different from the cable You sell not finished with spades. Besides, could You provide a cable length of 3 meters and, in this case, what would be the cost? Best regards. Pietro

Hi Pietro, SP #777 great for 3mtr pair you need 3m*2 per speakers total of 12mtrs no difference technically same cable cost for cable 12mtr A$960.00 BR Pat

Could you specify shipping to Ca 94110, USA, please, Regards,Poul

Yep we can send to US we use TNT Br Pat