Soundeasy Ultimate Equalizer
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General Information

Developed on Windows 7, 64-bit operating system

- Frequency scale expanded from 750 bins in the previous version to 2000 bins. This significantly improves resolution and accuracy of the MLS and filtering processes

UE V1.0 files imported as SPL data and Phase data

- 24-bit soundcard support

Added more loudspeaker voicing controls: additional shelving and peaking elements.

HBT integration range expanded to over 2 octaves on both sides of the screen frequency range. This further improves HBT accuracy near lower and upper frequency limits of the screen

New convolution engine to optimize performance and minimize latency in minimum-phase and equalized-phase modes of operation

New DSP algorithm for significantly improved stop-band filtering performance

- Added 5.1 Home Theatre EQ function using Delta1010LT soundcard. This is an important breakthrough in DSP implementation on a PC. This configuration is ideally suited to contemporary line-arrays for centre and rear channel loudspeakers. Recommended sound cards is Delta1010LT from M-Audio
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