Soundeasy V17
SoundEasy 17.0 has been released. Now shipping with Bass Synthesizer, DSP devices and much more…. SoundEasy + EasyLab system is a complete modelling and measurement software package.
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General Information

Operates in time and frequency domains and models the complete design and advanced (Phase/SPL/Zin - constrained) optimisation process of multi-way loudspeaker system, including WMTMW arrays

- The program allows for a complete characterisation of all drivers, including complex transfer function for
sound pressure (amplitude frequency response) and input impedance

- Direct Data Import 
functions from PC-based measurement systems are included

SoundEasy will even tell you if your imported phase is correct and will help you to correct it (using Hilbert-Bode Transform, HBT, during the import)

Enclosure design includes 13 types of enclosures, including H/U Dipoles and handles multiple driver configurations

Up to 4 identical drivers can be placed on the front panel to analyse diffraction distortion and mutual radiation impedance

- Large signal analysis
 is provided and includes: BL(x) and Cas(x) non-linearity, port compression and thermal power compression effects

- Our NEW, full-screen, scrollable, resizable CAD section of the program, handles all electronics of the passive/active system such as: complete and detailed passive or active crossover design, and time/frequency/impedance compensation circuits

The CAD system allows you to include advanced DSP components, like Linear Phase Filters, Time Delay Elements, and our own Super-Components, Mega-Components and Modular Crossover concepts, none of which can be implemented in standard, passive crossovers

100 of popular filter/crossover types are built-in

Finally, complete system responses are obtained by taking into account mutual 3D alignment of the drivers on the front panel, including off-axis simulations, tilting and rotating drivers

- As the Ray-Tracing Methods are really not suitable for low-frequency (below 300Hz) room modelling, we have implemented extensive evaluation of room and car cabin acoustics using Image Method and the powerful Finite Element Method for complex room geometries - ideal for 4 sub-woofer placement evaluation, including two dipole subwoofers

- The FEM includes modelling of absorption at each node and allows you to include opened windows, carpets, heavy drapes, (any size) your analysis

The program is quite large. It contains over 60 plotting screens/control boxes for modelling various design processes and a number of "calculators" for performing specific modelling functions

- There are also numerous dialogue boxes for customizing plotting and display functions. The program includes support for design and optimization of Transient Perfect crossovers

Small-Thiele loudspeaker model has been expanded by using FEM to model enclosure resonant modes
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