Bakoon RF Filter
Noise Removal Filter
US $194.05


The use of digital sound sources such as PC's, mobile phones and digital music players for headphones amplifiers has increased. From these devices the audio signal and digital signal is mixed resulting in the sound you hear becoming cloudy. The Bakoon RF Filter works to pass only speech signals and cut harmful digital signals.

By inserting the FIL-3101 between the digital sound source and the headphone amplifier, the muddiness of the sound is eliminated.

To use, simply connect the input to the earphone output of the digital sound source and connect the output to the signal input of the headphone amplifier of the FIL-3101.

*When using please ensure that the inputs and outputs are connected properly otherwise this can cause call origination and colouring of the sound


- Model - FIL-3101 RF

- Power Source - x0

- Voltage Input - x1

- SATRI-LINK Input - x0

- Voltage Output - x1

- SATRI-LINK Output - x0

- Speaker Output - x0

- MC Input - x0

- MM Input - x0

- Voltage Headphone Output - x0

- Current Headphone Output - x0

- MUTING - x0

- CPU - x0

- Display - x0

- Protection - x0

- Safety Inspection - PSE Standard
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