Bakoon EQA-5640 mk3
Phonoequalizer Amplifier
US $2,360.93

Circuit Board



The Bakoon EQA-5640mk3 is an equalizer amplifier designed for enjoying analog records.

For cartridges you can use either moving magnet type (MM) or moving coil type (MC).

The SATRI equalizer circuit which controls the amplifier gain developed by EQA-5620, 30 by frequency enables high-resolution reproduction with less noise. It was possible to reduce the cost by adopting a method of muting with a manual switch instead of the CPU control used in the EQA-5620 and 30. It is possible to withdraw all the characteristics of the analog record of infinitely large amount of information.

- Model - EQA-5640MK3

- Power Source - AC100, 115, 200, 230v

- Voltage Input - x0

- SATRI-LINK Input - x0

- Voltage Output - x1

- SATRI-LINK Output - x1

- Speaker Output - x0

- Gain Controller -  0dB, -10dB (switch)

- Input - x1 (MM-MC switch)

- Voltage Headphone Output - x0

- Current Headphone Output - x0

- MUTING - x1

- CPU - x1

- Display - x0

- Protection - x1 (manual operation)

- Materials:
  Chassis, Cover and Panel - Aluminium
  Legs - Stainless Steel
  Knob - Bakelite

- Finish:
  Chassis - Black semi-matte paint
  Cover - Black crystal paint
  Front panel - Mica black paint

- Dimensions - 70mm (H) x 236mm (W) x 293mm (D)

- Safety Inspection - PSE Standard
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