Raven Tweeter - R-3.2
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- RAVEN drivers are true ribbon technology, possibly the purest transducers available today. In a dome tweeter the signal is carried through the voice coil wire, and the sound is radiated by the dome attached to the voice coil. Here, the carrier of the electrical signal and the radiating diaphragm are one in the same part: the ribbon itself. Furthermore, the RAVEN ribbon is 100% pure conductive material, no metallized film

To have an idea of the high frequency performance of the RAVEN's, imagine that the moving mass here is about 30 times less than a high quality dome tweeter. The music comes through effortless, almost immaterial. The special and massive NeFeB magnet of the RAVENs is five times more powerful than a conventional magnet

The RAVENs come with a specially designed matching transformer (very low distortion, low loss and wide bandwidth) for optimum coupling with your crossover and power amplifier

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what is crossover point on the bottom for this Raven Tweeter -R-3.2

800hz 4th order LR Br Pat

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