Oyaide P-3.5GL
3.5 stereo mini plugs
US $6.19


- Plug - 
3.5mm stereo mini
- Model - Angled
- Material -  brass (24k gold plating)
- Outer Shell - brass + chrome plating
- Minimum Diameter of Outer Shell - 8.0mm
- Maximum Diameter of Outer Shell - 8.3mm
- Connection - soldering
- Install Cable O.D. - 6.0mm or less

Additional Information

- Changing a headphone cable is of course one of the very important factors for improvement sound quality.

- At the same time Oyaide produced HPC series headphone cable, they developed the hi-quality 3.5mm stereo mini plug, P-3.5 series” for D.I.Yers who love to customize their special accessories.

- Please enjoy crafting your own cables with P-3.5 series which are produced by the accuracy of “Made in Japan”


- Material/Structure - 
For its contact material, we employed RoHS compliant brass. The center pin which is core of the signal transfer is plated by thick 24K gold for the P-3.5G/P-3.5GL and pure silver + rhodium for the P3.5SR/P3.5SRL. These protect from erosion and improve the transmission property. The outer shell is cut by accurate NC machining, knurled and chrome plated.

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