Nanotec Power Strada # 307 Extreme
US $74.39

*Indicated price is as per meter length of cable. Please enter into the quantity field the number of meters you desire.


- Model No. - PS307
- Conductor - 0.26mm x 104-Stings. High Grade OFC (x3-Strands)
- Sectional Area - 5.522mm2 (for 1-Strands) [x 3-Strands]
- Colloidal Liquid - Gold = 80%, Silver = 20% - 3-times High Density [vs. Standard Liquid]
- Isolation Materials - Audio Grade PVC [RoHS Approved] + Electro-Magnetic Wave Absorbing Material Mixed PVC (Outer Sheath)
- Outer Diameter - 12.7mm
- Outer Colour - BlueBerry Violet
- Safety Regulation Approved - PSE

Additional Information

- Offers very smooth, noise-less electric current to audio/visual equipments

- High quality audio oxygen-free copper conductor

- High quality electro-magnetic wave absorbing material in the outer sheath PVC works as Noise Extinction for better resolutional reproduction

- Specially blended gold & silver micro particles dispersed in natural oil, which is soaked on the OFC conductors to make Electric Current Transmission more smooth
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Hi. Do you ship the Nanotec also to germany? Kind regards Wolfgang

yes but we are out of stock waiting for new stock delays from Japan can let you know when available br pat

Hi the power cable No: 305 and 307 what's difference? because I already bought 2m of 307 but 305 more expensive than 307 . I'm already bought 307 but no shipping yet if the cable 305 bester than 307 can I change ? I'm will pay different between that . thank you so much Hung luc

308 is better than 307 305 is a older model