Nanotec GS # 302 nano3
US $70.50

*Indicated price is as per meter length of cable. Please enter into the quantity field the number of meters you desire.


- Model No. : GSC-32
- Conductor - 0.26mm × 64-Strings, OFC [x3-Strings]
- Sectional Area - 3.398mm2 (1 per pcs) [three]
- Colloid Solution - 80% gold and 20% silver: 3-fold concentration [conventional product ratio]
- Isolator - audio grade PVC
- Outer Diameter - 11.2mm
- Safety Standards - PSE / UL / CSA ​​/ VDE, etc.
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Good afternoon, I have a question about the cables per meter, is it possible to obtain 1.5m meters from the Nanotec GS # 302 nano3 power cable to Belgium? There is a big difference for audio with the Nanotec Golden Strada # 301 The intention is to test on a power block (Supra) that has an internal wiring of 2.5mm2 Best regards, Fernand (Belguim)

We have 308 and 309 in stock we can send to Belgium Br Pat