The final chapter of TUNAMI series
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- Conductor Material - PCOCC-A
- Wire Diameter - 1.25Sq(50/0.18mm)
- Structure - 2P Shielding structure
- Inner Insulator - polymer Polyorefin
- Outer - Urethane
- Shield - PCOCC-A spiral shielding
- Outer Diameter - 8.0mm
- Conductor Resistance - 26.4 Ω/km
- Capacitance - 32 PF/m
- Characteristic Impedance - 120Ω
- Packing - 50m spool

Additional Information

- Following the success of the TUNAMI GPX power cable and TUNAMI NIGO speaker cable, TUNAMI TERZO is producted as a single line interconnects cable to enhance the unlimited potential of the TUNAMI power cable

- Although it has the same concepts of TUNAMI, it is planned to be reborn as a single interconnect cable without changing the basic structure and material

- TUNAMI TERZO is a proper product to conclude the legend of TUNAMI


Under the same concept of TUNAMI, TUNAMI TERZO is produced as an interconnect cable without changeing basic structure and materials

- The basic architecture of TUNAMI TERZO is 2P parallel layout. And its exterior is elegant pearl white color. The PCOCC-A conductor has 1.25sq cross-sectional area which enables high-power signal transmission

- The multi-layered shielding structure is newly employed for TUNAMI TERZO for better noise protection

- TUNAMI TERZO RR is equipped with the newly developed RCA plug, GENESIS, which features the innovative collet chuck

- The appearance of TUNAMI TERZO made us enable to present total TUNAMI wiring system in combination with other TUNAMI series

- From the sound of TUNAMI TERZO, you can feel wider range and sound stage, sound energy density, and higher resolution

- Due to our new collet chuck function of its RCA plug, GENESIS, it enables to maintain better secure contacts

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