Oyaide HS-TF
The second edition of the original carbon head-shell
US $155.28


- Contact - brass, rhodium plating
- Shell - 4.0mm thick CFRP(13-layers carbon cloth+single-layer Silver cabon on both surfaces
- Socket - Aluminum cup ring + 30% glass filled PBT
- Dimensions - L=56mm W=20mm H=15.9mm (without finger lift)
- Weight - 10.7g(including lead wires 「HSR-CU Special Edition」)
- Attachments - PCOCC-A(3/20/0.08)lead wires 「HSR-CU Special Edition」(Rhodium plated)、Aluminum screws(2 kinds)

Additional Information

- Hybrid materials, carbon + Silver carbon, are employed for the shell

- The socket is composed by aluminum cup ring and 30% glass filler PBT. It helps for vibration attenuation and enhancement of rigidity. Its contact pins are made of brass and plated by rhodium

- The finger lift is finished by matt chrome on aluminum. By arrangement to the forward position of head shell, it actualizes smoother operation compared to previously released HS-CF

- The contact rings of lead wires, HSR-CU(PCOCC-A) Special Edition, are made of phosphor bronze and plated by rhodium

- Oyaide tuned HS-TF differently from the former our HS-CF. HS-TF has a punchy and powerful sound charactor which is better for Jazz & popular music
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