Oyaide WPC-Z
High-performance aluminum mounting frame & carbon panel
EU €106.33


- Mounting Frame - 
13mm thick alminium
- Face Plate - 1.3mm CFRP(carbon fiber)
- Attachments - screws : 4pcs for receptacles, 2pcs for base
- Dimensions -  83mm(W)×130mm(L)×13mm(H)
- Practicable Outlets - SWO-ULTIMO Series(DX,GX,XXX),R-1

Additional Information

- The appearance of the WPC-Z attracted audio enthusiasts and created a strong impression of mounting frame for wall outlets. In 2007, the long-awaited double type base, WPC-Z2, has come on the scene.The most important function for high-performance mounting frame is attenuating vibration quickly and attaining unity with outlets. The two models of WPC series, based upon this concept, realize reinforcing wall surface and excellent vibration damping property.

- The hybrid materials, each of them has different resonance frequency, perform passive vibration suppression to maximize performance of SWO series and R-1. Furthermore, CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic), the material of face plate, has functions of static protection and electromagnetic shielding.

- WPC-Z series are the ultimate optional accessory for unlocking unlimited potential of SWO Ultimo series and R-1.


- Materials - 
The base plate is made of aluminum alloy selected to enhance its mechanical rigidity. And its face plate is made of CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) which is not only lightweight but high-strength. Moreover, CFRP has excellent vibration damping property and electromagnetic shielding property

- Its 13mm thick aluminum base plate and 1.3mm thick CFRP are manufactured by precision cutting work. They fit precisely each other without interspaces

- Carbon Face Plates - WPC series were specifically designed for SWO Ultimo series and R-1 wall outlets. A high-quality mounting flame is necessary for high-performance outlets in order to transmit powerful signal smoothly and accurately

- The beautiful texture of carbon fiber and brightness of aluminum alloy project a strong presence as an integrated architecture

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