Oyaide OCB-1 EXs
The highest grade of 4P outlet OCB-1 series distribution box
EU €276.17


- No. of outlets - 4
- Internal Wiring - 4N 2mm pure silver
- Recepticles - SWO-DX
- Plug - P-037
- Dimensions - W 120× L 120 × H 60
- Weight - 830g
- Cable - L/i50 EX
- Length - 2.0m

Additional Information

The "OCB-1 series" has been completely redesigned. Although they received high evaluations by many customers and reviewers, Oyaide decided to examine each component such as the cable, outlet and plug and replace them to pursue a higher degree of completion. Without altering basic structure and material, their original plugs, P-037 and P-029, are newly attached for the higher resolution and the more extensive sound stage which are required to meet today's audio standards


- Chassis - 
The body of OCB-1 series is made of highly rigid 30%GF PBT with carbon for electro-magnetic interference. The receptacles are fixed by 4 mounting poles to transmit vibration to the bottom of chassis. To enhance its rigidity, the thickness of the chassis is set to 4mm. The 13mm feet help to attenuate resonance between the body and the floor. Moreover, we prepared an optional set of brass spikes and rubber pad for better isolation from vibration and additional tone control

- Internal Wiring - 
We altered the materials of internal wiring for matching of sound character of the each product. 6N single copper wire for OCB-1 ST, 6N stranded copper wire for OCB-1 DXs and 4N silver wire for OCB-1 EXs are prepared

- The Integral Construction - 
The biggest benefit of a power distribution tap is that it has less electrical junctions by direct cable insertion to the body compared to a power distributor with an inlet. By its integral construction, there is no conversion of sound character because of changing of the cables

- E.M.I. Absorber - 
Due to the fact that noise is generated by turbulence of magnetic field at the point of contact, we paste E.M.I absorber on the receptacles and the bottom of the chassis

- Original Recepticles - 
The highly acclaimed SWO-DX-U is selected for OCB-1 DXs and EXs. The high resolution and high-speed response of SWO-DX-U will take you the whole new and unexplored heights of audio and visual performances

- Attached Cable - 
The cable of OCB-1 EXs is Star-quad structure, Oxygen-Free-Copper cable with reinforced silicon and carbon sleeves

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