Nanotec Power Strada 3E
EU €950.56

- The Power Strada 3E utilizes the PC-OCC-A (Pure Crystal Ohno Continuous Casting Advence) for very smooth power transmission

- Very high quality plug set for both male and female sides, resulting in the sound and picture quality being extremely high grade and detailed


- Model No. - PS-3E/1.8
- Conductor - 0.26mm x 105-strings, PC-OCC-A [x3-Strands]
- Sectional Area - 5.565mm2 (/1-Strand) [X3-Strands]
- Coloidal Liquid - 95% Gold, 5% Silver
- Isolator - Specially selected PVC for inner and outer sheath [RoHS Confored]
- Outer Size - 13.8mm
- Outer Colour - Light Blue
- Safety Regulation - PSE
- Plug Set - FURUTECH [F1-50(R)] + FURUTECH [F1E50-(R)]
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