Bakoon SHP-5516M
Highend Power Amplifier
US $5,498.05

Circuit Board

Gain Controller



The Bakoon SHP-5516M is a new generation highend product. Bakoon has implemented all of the companies latest technology in this one amplifier, including V11.41 with SATRI-IC-SP, SATRI circuit V5.2, V9.1, V11.4 further improved, quad-push-pull output stage, distortion control circuit, CPU control, strong protection circuit and non-feedback constant voltage power supply.

The configuration of the unit is monaural, the output is 100W (8Ω), and for the gain control, the standard is the metal coating ATT. The characteristic of the sound expresses the existance feeling which makes the presence of the performer feel. In order to maximize the power of this amplifier you will need to play high bit high sampling data directly.

The SHP-5516M is best for reproducing downloaded high bit / high sampling data with PC audio or playing high bit / high sampling data with Blu-ray.

*This product is a mono amp, so if you use it in stereo, 2 units are required


- Model - SHP-5516M

- Power Source - AC100, 110, 120, 200, 220, 240v

- Voltage Input - x3

- SATRI-LINK Input - x2

- Voltage Output - x0

- SATRI-LINK Output - x0

- Speaker Output - 100W (8Ω)

- Gain Controller -  Metal film resistant ATT / No instruction winding resistant ATT

- MC Input - x0

- MM Input - x0

- Voltage Headphone Output - x0

- Current Headphone Output - x0

- MUTING - x0

- CPU - x1

- Display - x0

- Protection - x1

- Materials:
  Chassis, Cover and Panel - Aluminium
  Legs - Stainless Steel
  Knob - Bakelite

- Finish:
  Chassis - Black semi-matte paint
  Cover - Black crystal paint
  Front panel - Mica black paint

- Dimensions - 185mm (H) x 360mm (W) x 420mm (D)

- Weight - 12.3kg

- Safety Inspection - PSE Standard
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