Bakoon PRE-7610 mk3
Compact Preamplifier
US $1,893.27

Circuit Board

Gain Controller



The PRE-7610 mk3 is designed to make the output stage of the SCA-7512 a wide band MOS-FET so that it can be used as a high precision power amplifier. The unit has three volatge inputs and two SATRI-LINK inputs as well as one voltage output and one SATRI-LINK output.

Because it has SATRI-LINK output, by connecting with the SATRI-LINK input of a Bakoon power amplifier, it is possible to transmit signals with high precision that cannot be obtained by a volatge signal.


- Model - PRE-7610MK3

- Power Source - AC100, 115, 200, 230v

- Voltage Input - x3

- SATRI-LINK Input - x2

- Voltage Output - x1

- SATRI-LINK Output - x1

- Speaker Output - x0

- Gain Controller - Potentiometer / Metal film resistant ATT / No instruction winding resistant ATT

- MC Input - x0

- MM Input - x0

- Voltage Headphone Output - x1

- Current Headphone Output - x0

- MUTING - x0

- CPU - x0

- Display - x0

- Protection - x0

- Materials:
  Chassis, Cover and Panel - Aluminium
  Legs - Stainless Steel
  Knob - Bakelite

- Finish:
  Chassis - Black semi-matte paint
  Cover - Black crystal paint
  Front panel - Mica black paint

- Dimensions - 78mm (H) x 235mm (W) x 295mm (D)

- Weight - 2.9kg

- Safety Inspection - PSE Standard
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