Nanotec CUG-1
Cable Up Grade Liquid (55mL)
US $30.40


- Content - 55mL
- Bottle type - PET bottle with spray

Additional Information

- The CUG-1 makes sound and picture quality more detailed, natural and vivid

- Bottle contains very effective liquid for the improvement of Audio/Visual cables

- Very easy to apply, simply spray the liquid on some tissue paper, and pipe the surfaces of the cables

- Recommended for use not only with Analog cables, but also with Digital cables such as USB, HDMI or Coaxial/XLR Cables

Contextual Information

- The CUG-1 is Nanotech Systems latest development for improving the electrical current which is running in audio/visual cables

- In every cable, an electric current is running in the conductor(s) and that current generates electromagnetic waves/fields. This electromagnetic energy will remain in the isolator(s). The remaining electromagnetic energy will be the cause of the noise into the original sound waves.

- The CUG-1 will reduce the Electromagnetic energy by changing that energy into heat energy, resulting in the original signal waves being maintained and running more smoothly without hesitation.


- Use - Upgrade of Audio/Visual cables by wiping with this liquid

- Specific use - Power cables, Digital Cables such as USB/HDMI/Co-Axial Line Cables with RCA/XLR Connectors, Speaker Cables, Headphone Cables, Antenna Feeding Cables, etc.
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